About Rising East

Rising East is an independent publication, staffed by students of Journalism and Sports Journalism at the University of East London, working under the direction of lecturers and other advisers. Rising East is published by Principal Lecturer Andrew Calcutt, University Way, London E16 2RD. Views expressed here are not those of the University of East London.

Our Mission

At Rising East, we aim to tell the whole story of East London life, from latte-loving Shoreditch to the rough ends of Upton Park to the up-and-coming Royal Docks.  East London deserves better coverage – faster and more varied – and we’re here to provide it.

Diverse Team

The Rising East team is defined by its diversity. We come from so many different backgrounds, it’s hard – even for us – to keep count. But we are united behind a single aim: to capture the story of East London in all its pain and all its glory. From photographers to writers to podcast producers, we crisscross the city from every angle and altitude, leaving no chicken-box unturned.

Meet the team. We hope you enjoy our work.