Aleppo Goes To The Ghosts

Parts of Aleppo are silent this night; and maybe always

As the evacuation of Syrians in Aleppo begins

Families on edge

Desperate and yearning to leave the once prosperous city they called home

Carrying the remnants of their lives

Children clutching their toys,

Mothers grasping at old photos and family heirlooms,

Fathers gripping blankets,

People wearing just the clothes on their backs.

The lines of sorrow and fear are etched into the faces

Of those awaiting for the large, lime coaches

Which promise them safety in Idlib

Dust from the rubble littering the city

Dust that had settled on the large windows of the coaches

Coaches, ambulances and cars

Some stationary, waiting

Some abandoned

And some trying to leave Aleppo

Red crescent ambulances left windowless

Rubble, metal wiring strewn in the streets

Dilapidated, crushed, torn buildings that were once homes

Aleppo – a ghost of what it once was.