Andrei Still Wants To Be A Giant

In this exclusive interview Dan Grimes meets UEL football and futsal player Andrei Arotatitei, to talk about his time at the Spurs Academy and turning down Billericay Town.

UEL student and former Tottenham Hotspur Development Squad player Andrei Arotatitei isn’t a name that too many will be familiar with right now. At 21, the Romanian-born striker has yet to settle at a club.

However, despite his misfortunes in finding a club at a level he’s satisfied with, he has done something that Jermaine Pennant, Paul Konchesky and Jamie O’Hara didn’t by turning down Billericay Town.

It came after Arotatitei’s time at Spurs. “I left the Tottenham Development side in 2016, as it was an under 19 side, I was too old to continue in the side. However, they did offer to help me out in getting another team. When I asked what team, they told me it was Billericay.”

A Tough Decision 

He added “I’d heard a lot of good things about them. They were doing well, but I thought at the time that I could do better than that, and I still do. I thanked them for the offer, but then I told them that I’d like to go my own way now.

“It wasn’t easy, at the time they would have been one of the best options for me. They’re a team that are really looking to progress, which is what I’m looking for as well. However, if it’s not hard to get then it’s not worth it, and I was looking for a higher challenge than Billericay.”

Despite making what some might call an arrogant choice regarding the Essex-based semi-professional side, it quickly became apparent that his decision was based more on his ambitious mindset, which was confident and determined rather than selfish and entitled.

“I’m not saying I’m a really good player, I’m not saying I’m an amazing player, however I thought that I could improve as much or more somewhere else” said Arotatitei, in a characteristically humorous mood.

Individual Goals

Arotatitei is still very ambitious “I think in the next three years, I should be able to make it into a professional team. Realistically I think I can reach the Championship at least, the next steps will be to train.

“I need to have a good diet, get regular sleep and train. Look at Messi and Ronaldo, I’m not as talented as Messi, so I have to be like Ronaldo and work hard to get to where I want to be.”

Andrei, who moved to the UK in 2011 is currently playing for the UEL football and futsal sides whilst studying Sports Coaching in order to build on his Level Two qualification.

When looking ahead to his future Arotatitei said “coaching would be a good career path, however it’s something I want to look forward to when I retire from playing. Until then, I have to maximise my potential as a player and as a participant in sport.”