The Liberal Democrat Party would prefer to forget the 2015 general election. Their electoral support dropped drastically after five years in Coalition government with the Tories. After they U-turned on student fees in order to stay in government, voters could not but wonder what is the point of the Lib Dems? The party lost 49 seats of its 57 seats and leader Nick Clegg resigned.

But they may have got their mojo back. Under new leader Tim Farron, the Lib Dems’ anti-Brexit stance has allowed them take on new members (100,00 and rising) and to overtake UKIP in recent polls. Meanwhile Labour’s real position remains uncertain.

With many younger people disappointed by the Brexit vote, a chance to reverse or at least challenge the decision is an attractive prospect.

As you’d expect, this hard-line stance against the vote for Brexit has prompted strong criticism. Journalist Brendan O’Neill criticised Tim Farron, saying; “this is a man who has devoted himself and his party to thwarting Brexit; if anyone is seeking to steal democracy, it’s him.”

But the anti-Brexit stance may well appeal to large sections of the ‘other 48 percent’ who voted to Remain. Buoyed by their by-election victory in Richmond Park last year, there is a real possibility of the Lib Dems denting the Tories’ pro-Brexit majority on 8 June.

farron 07” by Liberal Democrats is licensed under CC BY-ND