Assault And Battery

Sabrina Ruffles has the latest on two violent incidents.

A woman was left battered and bruised after she was run down by a cyclist who pretended he was going to wait with her for an ambulance but fled the scene instead. Andre McVeigh later launched her own investigation on twitter, appealing for help to find the ‘hit and run’ cyclist who left her with potentially lifelong injuries.

The incident took place at the junction of Abbey Street and Tower Bridge Road in Bermondsey at 6pm on 14 April. Ms McVeigh was treated for her injuries in hospital.

Her twitter initiative was welcomed by police. Sergeant David Hunt said: ‘The vast majority of cyclists are decent, honest, hardworking people but in this case I think the person responsible for knocking the victim over needs to explain their actions to us. I’d encourage them to get in touch at the earliest opportunity.’

A 26 year old student has been assaulted outside McDonalds in Waltham Abbey. Nathan Lawrence is thought to have been attacked after he was racially abused by a group of girls.

After Mr Lawrence and a friend spoke to the girls he was attacked by a group of men who pulled up in a car, beat him and left him unconscious. The victim suffered extensive injuries including the loss of two teeth.

Police have yet to confirm whether the attack itself was racially motivated.