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Adiba Khatun is a freelance journalist with a few unique passions. Making art, playing games and watching some telly, is pretty much everything Adiba does in her free time, as well as a little dabble into YouTube; and being able to tear apart everything about these areas is what she loves to do the most. Reviews, news and features too, Adiba will cover everything she can to do with these artsy subjects to satisfy your journalistic appetite.

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Mehndi: Last Ride Before The Big Day

Adiba Khatun proceeds to the next stage in the wedding process. Every married man and woman in South Asia will have taken part in four...

Taaling The Wedding Story From The Beginning

Adiba Khatun looks at the bride and groom's first engagement together, which turns out to be....their engagement. My mini-series will be covering the nuptials of...

The Art of Henna

Adiba Khatun scopes the practice of mehndi and its significance in South Asian weddings. I'm looking at South Asian weddings from every aspect, and this article is...

Married Bliss And The Cost Of Family Branding

Adiba Khatun is concerned that South Asian weddings are more about reputation than relationships. Weddings are meant to be a cause for celebration, but these...

Married Bliss Comes At A High Price

Adiba Khatun went on the road to Romford for the National Asian Wedding Show. For its tenth, annual outing, last weekend the National Asian Wedding...

Bridal But Not Traditional

Adiba Khatun sat close to the catwalk at this year’s ground-breaking Asiana Bridal Show. This year’s Asiana Bridal Show – the fifteenth in the ongoing...

1991 – 2015: Asian Weddings Then And Now

Adiba Khat sees change and continuity in the recent history of Eastern wedding belles. Young mother Salma Begum, aged 26, has been married for only...

Wedding Belles

Adiba Khat will be grooming everything bridal in a new series on the art of the South Asian wedding. An elegant shade of red catches...

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