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First Night But No Nerves

Elise Briggs spoke to new club promoter Michael Griffin about his big adventure. Mike Griffin came from near the Highlands of Scotland to the badlands...

All Aboard The Night Bus

Concerned that the Greenwich night bus is due to be cut, Elise Briggs looks at the history of night buses, and what the cuts...
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Apocalypse From Now On

Elise Briggs shows the strain of working under threat of terrorist attack. I took a keen interest in the video recently issued by terrorist group...

River of Poppies, Tide of History

At the Tower of London, Azana Francis finds herself surrounded by poppies and people commemorating the outbreak of the First World War. Unless you’ve been...
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New Cross: living above the chicken shop

In the first of a Rising East series, Elise Briggs opens a new window on the streets where we live. I knew before I came...

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