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Hugh Dexter
Hugh Dexter is an aspiring sports journalist and analyst. Hugh has written about numerous sports including basketball, American football and tennis. Hugh’s specialist subject is basketball and the NBA, focusing on detailed in-game analysis as well as reporting on social issues on and off the court. Hugh has provided pre game analysis for BT Sport at the recent NBA London game and aspires to provide content for the NBA and NFL in the future. After watching the WNBA in New York City, Hugh has also followed and reported on women’s basketball something that is starting to get more recognition and respect. Some of Hugh’s work on women’s basketball and American Football is available on Rising East:

Is American Football the Fastest Growing Sport in London?

The NFL has just finished another international series in London seeing sell out games at both Wembley and Twickenham stadium. With talks of a...

Tope Of The Class

UEL are coming into the new season after having a brilliant prior year and are looking to replicate this for the 2017/18 season. The team...

UEL Women’s Basketball 1st Seek Victory Against Brighton

UEL will face Brighton on Wednesday the 25th of October at Eastbourne where they will aim to continue their victorious streak. Victorious start UEL had a...

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