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Chinese Pickles In Tower Hamlets

Suzie Champion likens the big beasts of local government politics to the mythical creatures of Chinese astrology. Different layers of officialdom rarely see eye-to-eye. For...
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Price of Travel

Terry Hills wonders whether Tilbury's latest migrants are glad they came. ‘Tempted? You’re only human’. When 35 Afghan migrants were considering whether to pay their way...

Hipsters versus Anti-Hipsters: let’s call the whole thing off

Fed up with the phoney war against hipsters, Ferdia Carr says it’s time to leave the field. Somehow, somewhere and sometime since the turn of...
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Life In Hackspace

  Ferdia Carr finds that Hackney’s hacking collective fills a gap in his life. ‘This is the vending machine,’ our tour guide tells us. ‘It came...
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Newham Keeps School Leavers In Education And Feels The Olympic Effect

Josh Harris and Steve Pauley report on the economic health of Newham, home to the University of East London. Newham has both high levels of...

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