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Sandra Egbaran

Sandra Egbaran

Paris And The Pentecostals

In this week’s contribution to her ongoing series Religion Without Borders, Sandra Amas Egbaran visits a Pentecostal Church in South East London. As I entered The...

Reporting Religion

Sandra Amas Egbaran - all she is saying, is give priests a chance. Who has not read that all over the world, bar a few...

Where All the Flowers Are

Sandra Amas Egbaran reports from the famous Columbia Road Flower Market.

Time to Question Olympics Legacy

When the success of London’s Olympic bid was announced in 2005, those who lived and worked in the London borough of Newham were promised...

‘Sandwiches and Sympathy’ Are Not Enough

Sandra Amas Egbaran reports on National Carers’ Day in Greenwich. 'As long as the money’s not wasted on sandwiches and sympathy’. Carer and mother Zoe...

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