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That Was The Week That Was

Welcome to 'The Week In One', Rising East's topical quiz show in which contestants are required to recount the main events of the week in...

The Current: Whose Christmas Is It, Anyway?

For the second edition of The Current, Sydney Kauffman explores the reach of Christmas with Liam Macdevitt and Hannah-Mariam Chowdhury Film editing by Pamela Kokoszka  

Which Blair Project?!

For the first edition of Rising East's new discussion slot The Current, Sydney Kauffman asks fellow millennial voters Drew Goodsell and Casey Cooper-Fiske what they...

City Life In A Day: Phones4Lunch

On what felt like the first real day of Spring, Sydney Kauffman commuted between Canary Wharf and Spitalfields looking for a lunchtime slowdown. But...

City Life In A Day: Coffee Against The Clock

Sydney Kauffman captured Canary Wharf workers en route to the office via that vital cup of coffee. Canada Square: commuters have only just started to...
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Golden Shit Hits The Right Spot Intrepid reporters Jenny Cottee (words) and Sydney Kauffman (video) enjoyed the shock of their lives at a not-yer-typical East End song-and-dance night. Be warned! With...

Just Because He’s A Joke, Doesn’t Mean This Isn’t Serious

Sydney Kauffman, Rising East's resident American, warns against underestimating the prospective presidential candidate who would ban all Muslims from entering the United States. At first...

Open All Hours – In My Dreams

Sydney Kauffman takes issue with London’s status as a 24 hour city. London, the city that never sleeps – really? How about London the city...

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