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Rebecca Griffiths


Remainers Remained Calm

On Saturday 25 March more than 50,000 people marched through London in an attempt to stop Brexit under the banner 'Unite For Europe'. Here...

GREENwich: it’s all in the name

Each day of the year, customers travel from all over London to attend one of the most popular vegan/vegetarian markets in the city, and...

Vehicles Of A Certain Vintage

Greenwich indoor market devotes one night each month to a celebration of classic cars accompanied by food for on-the-road and appropriately hard-driving music.

Sleepless Under the Stars

As day turns into night and the stars grace our skies, commuters travel on the Docklands Light Railways from Canary Wharf to Cutty Sark...

Sun Down For Chrisp Street?

As the sun rises over Chrisp Street Market, the area feels suspended between night and day - in the same way as the buildings here are...

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