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Tis The Season To Be Made Up

Tips for top make-up: how to do it and how not do overdo it by Rising East's resident expert.

Dressing Up For Christmas If you haven't already caught the Christmas spirit, browse through our festive lookbook to get some seasonal ideas of what to wear. There's something for...

Homeless At Bottom, Cocktails On Top

A Christian charity has hosted a street party for the homeless directly beneath Stratford’s upmarket rooftop bar. The Stratford Centre is a shopping mall during...

Balenciaga: Spanish Couture Master

The Victoria & Albert Museum offers visitors the chance to dive into Balenciaga's world.... and we're taking you with us! Have a look at his incredible...

SNOBCON’s Not Snobbish

On 28th October 2017, the first Snobcon event was held at New Mount Street, Stratford. The streetwear convention ran from 11.30am - 17.30pm. Snobcon is...

Looking Ghoulish Not Foolish

You've been invited to a Halloween party but you don't know what to wear? Here are four easy looks that you can achieve in a...

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