Basketball Clinic for the Kids

Lions players and coaches giving back to the community
Lions players and coaches giving back to the community

Connor Mackay reports on the London Lions stars giving the youth a basketball master class.

The London Lions are happy to promote basketball in the community as they have a weekly coaching programme for children ages 18 and under.

The BBL side put on a show for their fans on a match day. But they are also known for giving back to the local community, setting up camps like these and allowing children to play on an Olympic-standard court at the CopperBox Arena.

Stars such as the Williams brothers were on hand at the minicamp, which provides high standard coaching to keen basketball enthusiasts from the BBL’s finest. They were joined by other Lions stars Demond Watt, Joseph Ikhinmwin, Nick Lewis and assistant coach, Laurent Irish.

When Jamal joined the BBL he had a clause in his contract to coach the youth as well as play basketball: “Every year I’ve been doing some kind of coaching it’s been incorporated into my contract. I really enjoy coaching the youth. I and my brother run a skills development programme in the summer, basketball never stops, when I go back to Canada I coach as well.”


The professionalism from the players and staff on site was fantastic as they taught the children many different techniques. All the children involved showed great enthusiasm and walked away having learnt something new, there were also prizes and noticeable awards given out at the end.

Jamal added: “I love it, I went to school to be a teacher, teaching life skills around through sport, I love the energy from the youth. I like to be a big kid so it makes me feel really comfortable and keeps me young.”

The Lions team are looking to promote the sport more and begin coaching in the community with the youth during the summer to enhance their skills and produce the next crop of British talent.