Better Late Than Never

The UEL Titans finally open their season with a home game against the Essex Blades this Sunday at East London Rugby Club. Jahin Shamsuddin reports.

After a long and well deserved break over the Christmas period, the UEL Titans are back in action this Sunday when they face the Essex Blades. The fixture between the two sides was postponed late last year and rescheduled for this Sunday.

The season so far

The Titans currently sit third in the division with a 2-0 record. Both wins were walkovers as the opposing teams did not have enough members to participate in the game. This will be the first matchup this season the Titans will compete in.

Meanwhile the Blades are currently fourth in the league sitting behind the Titans. They have a 1-1 record, with their only win coming against Westminister as they were unable to field enough players. This will be the first meeting between the two sides since the competition began.

Titan worries 

There have been worries in the Titans’ camp. There is a concern that the team may not have the right number of players in order to compete. Their recent practice session consisted of only 16 players. As a result, they were not able to field a full defence. Members of the offense were asked to play both ways just so that they could make up the numbers. Neverthenless the team feels confident and can’t wait to finally play a game.

Team president Louis Oswald told Rising East: “We have been waiting forever for some action and this is it, we are very excited. We need a good last practice, be ready for Sunday.”

The Titans will be looking to stay unbeaten and push their way to the top of the league and towards the playoffs.