Bikini Buying On A Budget

As a regular holiday goer and bikini wearer, I am used to buying bikinis, and trust me it’s not easy being a fashion-conscious girl on a budget in the world of swimwear!

The average price for a matching top and bottom bikini set from the UK’s more popular women’s retailers is somewhere between £35 and £45. This can go up depending on where you shop, but this average holds for the most popular places such as Topshop and ASOS.

So here is my hack on how avoid paying the odds whilst still looking the part:

Get your inspiration from your favourite retailers (online and in store), type in the key details to eBay and  voila – you will find the swimsuit you were hankering for, but for a fraction of the price.

When I suggested this to my friends they scoffed, arguing that eBay swimwear wouldn’t be that much cheaper; would be awful quality; and would take ages arrive.

As for quality, just check the  users’ feedback on the seller, and avoid the ones with bad reviews.

And as for price, most eBay swimwear is around a quarter of the price of a branded set.

OK, items from eBay can take longer than three to five days to arrive, but isn’t planning ahead all part of the holiday fun?

But is it easy to see the difference between the more expensive branded bikinis, and what you get on Ebay?

I put this to test by asking student Molly Horne if she could tell which was which, and of the three examples she was given, she couldn’t. So it’s not all about the price tag.  If you’re patient enough to scroll through eBay you will get more bikini for your buck!