After the game’s first announcement, I was obsessive in avoiding any spoilers about Zelda: Breath of the Wild; and now I’m glad I was.

I knew the latest instalment in the 30-year-old Zelda franchise would be a big break away from the long established formula, so I wanted to experience this game without preconceptions.

To put it simply, Breath of the Wild was 100% worth the wait and the hype, at least for me. The in-game world is one that I can barely comprehend, with Ocarina of Time’s world map looking like a spec next to it. The possibilities for exploration are amazing (and I do not use the word lightly).

There is so much to do that I doubt that I’ll ever really complete this game. But that gives me all the more reason to play it over and over again.

Gameplay is solid, the graphics fresh and the story engaging. The weapons management system is much more complex than previous Zelda games, but it’s comprehensive and easy to get used to. What I am most happy about is that the game is available on the Wii U. As we know the Switch and the game together are an expensive commitment to make (too much for me, right now). I was apprehensive about buying it on the old console but I took a risk and did it anyway…and I do not regret it: the performance and graphics are virtually identical; I don’t see any difference and I’ve seen both versions in person.

I’d really like to stress the benefits of playing this game with as little prior knowledge as possible. That said, the perfect scores are no exaggeration. It has achieved more perfect scores than any other in metacritic history, and I would only like to add to that by giving it another one: 5 out of 5.