The CrowdJustice campaign has so far raised in excess of £10,000.

Two Newham Labour Party dissenters have been campaigning to raise enough money to take the national Labour Party to court over the way in which Sir Robin Wales, Mayor of Newham, was selected as the candidate for the upcoming Mayoral election.

The campaign has now raised in excess of £10,000 and they have revealed what they plan to do now that the money will be released to their legal team.

Following the successful CrowdJustice campaign, the Labour Party members from Newham will work with a legal team to write up a statement of claim. The legal team will be made up of ITN Solicitors and barristers led by Tim Johnston from Brick Court Chambers, who recently supported Gina Miller with her Article 50 litigation against the Government.

This statement of claim will set out the grounds on which they believe the Labour Party behaved improperly during Newham’s Trigger Ballot last year.

How the claim will be pursued is dependent on the response to the statement of claim from the Labour Party. Upon receipt there will be 14 days for the party to formulate its response. This will be followed by a case management conference between the two legal teams in order to decide how the case ill progress.

“Democracy, fairness and political accountability in the Labour Party has to be honoured”, is how the campaign group addressed their supporters in a recent update following the successful fundraiser.

The campaign is now entering a “stretch” phase on CrowdJustice, with a revised target of £30,000.