Chaotic Start to the Titans Season

Rising East reporter Jahin Shamsuddin looks at the difficult start to the Titans season

It has been a rollercoaster ride so far for the UEL Titans – and the season hasn’t even begun. After their fixture against Anglia Ruskin was postponed, the Titans were meant to face the Essex Blades on the 27th November, however that match-up was also cancelled at the last minute.


The match was supposed to be played in Essex but due to pre-booking, the game wasn’t able to go ahead. The Titans were also told in advance that the pitch was ready but there weren’t any changing rooms available which led to Essex postponing it the first time around. This has now been the second fixture in a row that has been postponed for the Titans. The fixture against the Blades will now be taking place on the 29th January which was the original date for the meeting. Meanwhile the meeting between Anglia Ruskin will take place on the 19th February, which means the Titans have to play five weeks in a row.


The Titans weren’t going to allow the postponement to affect them as they turned the session into practice. Both offence and defence were going against each other to see what improvements could be made and which aspects of the team they are happy with. Being prepared for whatever team they come against is crucial for the Titans if they want to cement any realistic chance of winning the division, something the head coach and the President of the UEL Titans have emphasised.

Chaos in the Division

Amongst all the controversy with the games being rescheduled, there are more problems in the Titan’s division. London Southbank University have dropped out of BUCS before the season has even begun and Westminister are also on the verge of dropping out as they don’t have enough members to continue the season. The Spartans have lost their two opening games with a walkover as they couldn’t field enough players.