Clinic At Cage Warriors 75

It was a successful return for both Cage Warriors and The MMA Clinic at CWFC 75, as Youcef Dahmani reports.

Jack “The Joker” Hermansson retained his middleweight title in the main event as he defeated Alan Carlos by knockout with only 15 seconds remaining in the third round.

It looked very even throughout the first two rounds as both exchanged punches and showed great defensive skills while in the clinch.

However in the third round it was the current title holder Hermansson who managed to get out of a clinch and throw a very heavy punch to his opponent before following up with a combination of punches which eventually knocked out Carlos.

The MMA Clinic, which has a gym located in the East London town of Romford, had four fighters fighting at the event: Cyorgy Dolog, Oliver Battell, Darren Stewart and Brad Wheeler.

Darren “The Dentist” Stewart defeated James Hurrell in the light heavyweight division by TKO, extending his undefeated run to 6-0.

It only took Stewart 37 seconds to defeat his opponent, who had a height advantage of six inches, through a flurry of successful punches and elbows to the head which eventually forced the referee to stop the fight.


In a catch-weight bout, Scott Clist defeated Brad Wheeler by TKO despite the east Londoner dominating the majority of the first round.

Wheeler, known as the “The Crazy Kid”, looked to take his opponent down immediately in the very first round, where he has won two-thirds of his previous fights, and successfully scored twice.

Wheeler tried various times for the submission and was very close to winning by guillotine choke. However, near the end of the round, Clist was able to get up and throw an accurate high kick followed by punches that knocked Wheeler down, only for the bell to save him.

Despite this, at the start of the second round the referee called the fight off as he saw Wheeler was unable to continue, declaring Clist winner by TKO.

Fan-favourite featherweight Paddy Pimblett also defeated Ashleigh Grimshaw by unanimous decision, improving his professional record to 10-1.


From the very first round Pimblett looked to take his opponent to the ground and shot successfully straight away. Fuelled by the fans singing, ‘there’s only one Paddy Pimblett’, he looked to win by submission, though the round ended with both on the ground.

The second round was very similar to the first with Pimblett looking the better out of the two. However, in the third round Pimblett abandoned his submission-based game-plan and instead opted for a combination of punches and elbows, further scoring with the judges.

Oozing with confidence Pimblett said at the end of the fight, “put me in there with anyone and I will smoke ya”.

Chris Fishgold also defeated Jordan Miller in the lightweight division. It was a successful takedown which saw Fishgold dominate for one minute and four seconds of the first round to then win the fight through a guillotine choke.

Cyorgy Dolog earned his victory through unanimous decision against Pelu Adetola, and Oliver Battell defeated Rob Scott in 37 seconds of the very first round via TKO, both making it a successful evening for the MMA Clinic with three wins out of four.