Crack Down On Postering For Prostitutes

Tearing a strip off sleazy stickers

Newham council has published a gallery of pictures of people wanted for distributing prostitution stickers across the borough. Meanwhile a local campaigner has threatened court action against the council for not doing enough to eradicate the problem.

In the past two years more than 30 people have been arrested for defacing the streets of Newham with such posters and stickers.

Enforcement manager Tony Bennett said: “We take fly posting very seriously, and want to remind people it is a crime and we will pursue those that take part.

“We are targeting the criminals that deface our streets and encourage members of the public to report any incidents they witness to the police or the council.”

According to Newham council the cost of removing these stickers is around £70,000 per year. A spokeswoman said: “Street cleansing teams are tackling the problem head on, with targeted operations to wipe them off street furniture. But the problem is persistent and very hard to police.”

The council released its rogues gallery two weeks after Forest Gate teacher Karl O’Keeffe announced he is planning to take court action against the council over prostitution stickers.

The 36-year-old complained that “this is a rapidly escalating epidemic for which the council does not seem to have a preventative, long term plan.”

The campaigning teacher first brought the matter to the attention to the council in February through the Love Newham App.

If found liable the council could face a bill of £2,500 on each day and at every location where the offending stickers remain in place.