Crime Or Art? Decision Time

Are they graffiti artists or vandals?

When the developers of a new trampoline park in East Ham announced they were looking for graffiti artists to paint the walls, it prompted the perennial question: but is it art….or vandalism?

Whilst some people see it as a form of artistic expression, under the Criminal Damage Act 1971 and the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003, unless specifically requested by property owners or their agents, graffiti is vandalism and it is illegal, plain and simple.

Of course there are always exceptions to any single definition. But I decided to do my own defining by documenting some of the graffiti I see on my journey to and from University.

(The captions should tell you which way I was headed.)

Which is worse: graffiti or the council cover-up?
Same bridge, new tag
Approaching the Woolwich Ferry: someone has put themselves in a potentially dangerous situation in order to do this.
Is it really worth the risk?
‘Sony’: hardly an original name tag
All too familiar
‘The application of skill in concert with the imagination’ – sorry, but I am still not getting it.