Forget the D’ challenge, raps teacher: ‘What you would do for that A?’

A female teacher has taken an online phenomenon where people rap about what (often pathetic and desperate) things they will do for sex and turned it into an inspirational lesson about what they would do for an A grade. And its gone viral!

Instagram users around the globe have recently taken on a new challenge in their thousands where women and men record videos of themselves rapping about what they would do for the D and the P (respectively). I’ll leave it up to you to work out what D and P stand for.

Anonymous Miss X, a Secondary School teacher in the USA, made the new version with and for her students. The video shows the teacher in the middle of a group of young females, goading students to rap “what they would do for that grade A”.

Women around the world have been complimenting and praising Miss X for inspiring young females.

I asked an East End mother and her student daughter what they thought.

Mrs Webster, from Walthamstow, said: “I was so pleased to see a teacher do a remake of the video. It’s inspirational for young girls, I’m not really on social media like that but I have heard people talking about the D challenge. To be honest I was shocked this was a thing. I wouldn’t want my daughter to watch videos like that. It’s not something I feel young girls should be doing or even thinking about”.

Mrs Webster’s daughter Chams, aged 16, said: “Yeah I’ve seen it. It’s just a new trend that everyone’s jumping on. It’s not that deep. I don’t think people should look into it too much. But I did see the teacher one. I rate her for that. She’s a good teacher.”