Obscured by controversy, The East London Mosque in Mile End,

Was opened in 1985.


With tall towers and intricate brickwork,

It’s really just a building,

And really just a mosque.


Not a place for conflict,

Not a place to argue.


A humble place to offer your prayers,

Shoulder to shoulder,

As one people, for all people.


Come together to see, that in spite of its history,

That East London Mosque is a place that is open to all.

Adiba Khatun

Adiba Khatun is a freelance journalist with a few unique passions. Making art, playing games and watching some telly, is pretty much everything Adiba does in her free time, as well as a little dabble into YouTube; and being able to tear apart everything about these areas is what she loves to do the most. Reviews, news and features too, Adiba will cover everything she can to do with these artsy subjects to satisfy your journalistic appetite.

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