Fashion ‘East’ as in Shoreditch

Rising East takes the temperature of East London's winter street wear

Photo Credit : Debbie Cavalli Langele


Red Mermaid

What inspired this look today?

This is a new shirt I bought yesterday and I only really wear one colour. Red is my colour at the moment.

Fun Fact!

Once I got sunburnt to the fashion of my fishnet tights. So it looked like I had scales on my legs!

Reverse Skater

What inspires your style?

Normally street fashion. Also I’ve grown up in London where the weather is crap. Obviously we wear a lot of clothes like layer up and stuff… I like wearing cropped stuff. I’m 24 and I think people around my age, we like to have “road” elements in the things we wear. So we wear like puffa jackets. The culture of music inspires the things I wear. I’m a fan of lit artists, such as Travis Scott and Migos as well.

Fun Fact!

I can roller-skate backwards.

Drowning in Fashion

What inspires your style?

Living in London where it’s always fashionable especially around Shoreditch and East London. It’s the standard of where we grew up, it’s what we are about and what we do. Fashion is our nature. Putting an outfit together is natural to us.

Do you believe that you should spend a lot of money in order to look good?

Sometimes it’s the label but some brands people don’t even know and they’re still expensive. You can pick a lot of stuff by being yourself and expressing it through your clothing.

Fun Fact

 I can’t swim.


Photo Credit : Debbie Cavalli Langele

What inspires your style?

I guess it’s just a feeling.

Is it usually based on the brand or the style?

I think I tend to go more towards Uniglo and try to find simple stuff and try to bring something that’s a little bit different.

Do you have a style inspiration or a fashion brand that you really like?

I think it’s just me because I study Fashion.

Fun fact!

I’m Canadian, if that’s interesting…

Italian Vogue

What inspires your style?

There’s nothing in particular that inspires my style. I usually tend to mix both elegance and street fashion in order to create my own style.

What is the interesting fact about you that has got nothing to do with fashion?

I’m Italian and I can Vogue.

Marta Pezzino – Interviewer

What inspires your style?

I usually like taking inspiration from fashion bloggers I follow on Instagram.

Fun Fact!

I can play the guitar.

Debbie Cavalli Langele – Photographer

What inspires your style?

TV shows and music artists. Fashion is a lifestyle so the inspiration isn’t just one thing. It’s hard to keep up with the latest fashion trends. I’m afraid I’ll loose myself so if it’s different I want it. I go for timeless pieces that I can wear over and over again!

 Fun Fact!

I was born in London but I’m still not used to living with pigeons. When they fly above my head I HATE it.