Final Day Relegation Play Off For UEL

The University of Mens Hockey team prepare for the most important game of their season as they have to avoid defeat to stay in the division. Teri Dormer previews a huge game for Rising East.

Following a 6-0 defeat last week UEL, UEL face Kings College in a crucial game that will decide UEL’s immediate league status. Ahead of the game, UEL’s Tim Li is hopeful his side can deliver when the pressure is on.

“No matter what the game is we prepare for it in the same way, hopefully we will get the points we need to stay in this division: that is the main priority,” he said.

However, Li admits that they face a tough task against a determined Kings College side. He added: “It’s going to be a tough game, the boys are working hard together and we’re going to do as much as can”.

This season has been tricky for the East London blues, having won just one match recently due to a forfeit from the other team. UEL have remained bottom of the league for the best part of the year. UEL will also have to forget the rest of the season they have had, as it all comes down to one game.

UEL star Robert Clover also spoke to Rising East ahead of the big game, and spoke of its importance.

‘On a high’

“To me it means our whole season has come down to this one game against KCL thirds. I have strong hope and belief we will stay up… the team is on a high currently after recent training sessions and we feel we can survive the drop,” Clover said.

Both teams are currently in the relegation zone, therefore the game is effectively a relegation play off.The last meeting between the two sides saw a 2-2 draw at Honor Oak Park. Heading into the final game Kings have replaced UEL for the first time at the bottom of the league.

King’s like UEL have struggled this campaign which has seen them pick up just one draw and eight defeats.

The game takes place on Wednesday afternoon at Lee Valley Tennis & Hockey Centre as UEL look to end the season on a high.

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