Fitness Wherever You Are

Fitness is firstly about your willingness to get fit

With the Docklands waterfront as her backdrop, Health & Wellbeing editor Molly Horne explains how to use street-furniture as part of your fitness regime.

“If you are someone who wants to improve their fitness but the idea of working out in a gym doesn’t tickle your fancy, then you’ll be glad to know that there are SO many other ways to improve your fitness, ones that don’t include stressing about finding the perfect matching outfit to wear to the gym.

“I’m too lazy to exercise”

“First things first, you will only ever be as lazy as you tell yourself, so let’s help change that frame of mind to think more efficiently, because you ARE 100 percent capable of achieving a lot more than what you probably think.

“But if you are rolling your eyes whilst reading this with your feet up on the sofa then perfect, because that’s all you are going to need my lazy friend.

“There are many exercises you can do whilst lying down, e.g. leg raises, ab crunches, Russian twists: these are just a few. For more inspiration click here.

“I don’t have the time”

“If you find that your work, family and social life are taking up most of your time, don’t worry. Sometimes there isn’t just enough time in the day right?! But I’m telling you that exercise can easily be fitted in, no matter what time frame you are caught up in.

“Next time you need to go to the store, why not park the furthest away? Not only will you be able to find a car parking spot more easily and with plenty of space, but it will also increase your walking distance, which will benefit you on your return carrying bags of groceries. #BicepGains

“Whilst you are busy tackling errands, driving the family places or off to different meetings, a great way to get your heart rate up and boost your metabolism is to take the stairs. Even better, make the positive change to walk up the escalators instead of patiently waiting: you’ll be improving your fitness whilst confirming your punctuality, so basically it’s a win/win situation!

“I don’t like exercising”

“A great way to exercise without even realizing it is to put your shoes on and go for a walk. Have your favourite playlist at the ready, schedule in a phone call, or listen to a podcast, do whatever it takes to help motivate you to get outside of the house. Going for a walk has so many benefits, it can help improve both your physical and mental state of mind.

“I’m not motivated enough”

“If you feel like you are forcing yourself to exercise, then it probably means that you are thinking too much about it and ultimately doing it wrong. What I mean by this is that your lack of motivation is more likely to take up most of your energy than actually doing the exercise itself.

“So during your lunch break step out of the office, walk outside, buy your lunch somewhere, stroll around the block and like I said before, this will not only get your body moving, blood pumping and heart rate high but will also keep your mind refreshed and release any stress. Doing this will help gain back your mojo, whether that’s to do with fitness, work or other aspects, even a 15-minute walk will sure boost some motivation.

“The gym isn’t for me”

“If you are a beginner to fitness, then of course all of the things you need to make a start can be done in the comfort of your own home. Try doing push ups in between your cooking, or in the time it takes for your food to heat up in the microwave, put your favourite songs on full blast and dance like nobody’s watching, run up and down your stairs as many times as you can during the ads on TV, try the latest home workout DVD, lunge whilst hoovering, squat whilst cleaning the house, download a few fitness apps for tutorials on home exercises: the list is truly endless.”