It has been quite the journey for starting quarterback Jeremy Snyder. Having completed his degree from Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, Jeremy now starts a new chapter in his life with the University of East London as he looks to earn his Master’s degree.


Having attended Taylor High School in Taylor, Texas, Jeremy started playing football at a young age. In fact, it’s in his blood. Hailing from Texas, it is expected of nearly everyone to be a football fan as the sport is massive in the Lone Star state, not to metion the USA as a whole. The lifestyles however between the two countries are completely different. “The amount of connection between the area and its team is different from let’s say Texas, where whole towns will literally shut down just to watch a Friday night game,” says Jeremy.

Moving across the world can be difficult for anyone, especially playing a sport that is not as common in the UK, but Jeremy has already got to grips with the situation. “For any American Football team across the world, that is tough to deal with. But it feels great playing with this group of guys [at UEL]. There is a true family atmosphere around this team that is really fun to be a part of. Not only that, these guys have some serious talent and potential.”

Boost for UEL Phoenix

Having someone who is experienced in the game is a massive bonus for the Phoenix, but having someone who has already connected with his teammates seems to be paying off as they are 2-1 on the season having played some brilliant football.

The sport is a team game however and Jeremy is quick to praise his colleagues as they make his job much easier. “What really makes our offense go is that we have a physical and powerful offensive line with a very talented running-back core. We are paired with an excellent defense that pitched a shut-out last week against Greenwich. They make our job a whole lot easier.

Right now, the team are 2-1 and they look to be on form having produced an amazing performance against Greenwich. The confidence they have must build as they look for revenge against Queen Mary University.