Dear Games Developers,

Now is the time for videogames to get serious like never before. There can be no better time for the vidoegames industry to get involved with politics. To prove once and for all that videogames are more than childish entertainment, by taking on Donald Trump and taking the rise out of his childish behaviour.

Let me explain how this could work.

Videogames delving into politics has the ability to reach a new audience, which in turn generates interest in what’s going on in the world. Let’s have videogames step out of their escapism roots and allow players to become engaged with the world around them. An hour or two of distraction might be fine, but on this occasion there isn’t really any escape. So let’s make games that deal with reality by satirising it.

What about a game that lets you get into the boxing ring with a variety of notorious political figures, allowing the player to vent their frustrations in a comical and slapstick manner? Or something simpler like an app that tests your intelligence daily on current political events, rewarding your knowledge and letting you share your political views with other users. These are just two simple ideas with the capacity to gain traction and popularity, while staying tongue in cheek and entertaining.

Until now, videogames have only been thrown into the political sphere for the wrong reasons – allegations of copycat behaviour and joystick-induced violence, typically. But this could be the perfect opportunity for us to step onto the political scene in order to make a positive, progressive contribution.

Gaming is a form of media unlike anything else. It allows the user a level of control and immersion that no other art form can achieve. Developers have the means of thinking outside of the box when it comes to the purpose of their games. With a few steps in the right direction gaming as a whole could finally be taken seriously.

So how about it, people? Anyone up for putting down Trump in a best-selling, world-renowned, satirical videogame? In an absurd world, you know it makes sense.