Gaming Goes East

Callum Crumlish joins the computer gamers dropping in to Tobacco Dock

East London has its fair share of cultural conventions, from foreign-food markets to comic cons. However it is very rare – unheard of, even – for a dedicated gaming convention to be seen anywhere outside West London.

Enter, EGZ Rezzed.

Held over three days at Tobacco Dock in E1, Rezzed featured thousands of new games to play, as well as hundreds of developers, publishers, and entrepreneurs all showing off their new products.

Rezzed size

There were seminars to showcase technological advances, alongside promos and demos of new gadgets and accessories.

The exhibitors created a friendly atmosphere. Many participants were there because they wanted to be, not because the corporation had told them they had to. The pop-up stalls selling food and drink, to the exclusion of catering’s big brands, also helped make EGX Rezzed the most adult, stylish, and civilised game-convention I have attended in years.

Tobacco Dock was also the venue for the annual Video Game BAFTAs. Hosted by Rufus Hound, the eleventh annual award ceremony celebrated the top games of 2014. The award for Best Game went to Destiny.