Generation 7 Eclipses Generation 6

Pokémon gives Adiba Khatun a reason to rhyme

Seven generations of the same game can be repetitive,

But Pokémon has taken steps into the wacky and inventive.

With the Moon in the East and Sun in the West,

And the sixth generation not at its best,

These updated graphics, free roam and Z-moves

Helped pre-order sales to show the public approves.

So Gamefreak wins again, with Sun and with Moon

So do yourself a favour – and buy copies soon.


Adiba Khatun

Adiba Khatun is a freelance journalist with a few unique passions. Making art, playing games and watching some telly, is pretty much everything Adiba does in her free time, as well as a little dabble into YouTube; and being able to tear apart everything about these areas is what she loves to do the most. Reviews, news and features too, Adiba will cover everything she can to do with these artsy subjects to satisfy your journalistic appetite.

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