Glitter Coffee ‘Cos It’s Christmas

The Glitter Charcoal And Pink Latte

It’s that time of year again. Christmas drinks have taken over: from gingerbread lattes to orange hot chocolate. How could you get more festive than that? Independent outfit Palm Vaults Cafe has the answer. Cover the drink in edible glitter!

With all things glitter being the new trend, it seems only fitting that one of the most Instagrammable cafes in London should combine the Christmas drink wth glitter to create this sparkly sensation. Creations such as their oh-so-hipster Charcoal Latte and Vegan Beetroot Pink Latte are novelties that can’t help but put a smile on even the most Scrooge like person.

Palm Vaults have a branch in Hackney and in Soho’s fashionable Fiorucci store. Everything and everyone at Palm Vaults is designed to be photogenic, from the snow canon that sprays you as you enter, to the shimmering silver tassels on the walls, and the colour changing floor tiles This is defiantly a place you should visit if you fancy a slight twist on the typical Christmas decor.

Sadly, the glitter coffees are only available in Soho, but would certainly fit in perfectly well in Hackney, so I urge Palm Vaults to bring that sparkle out east as well.

Photo Credits: Aurora Krogh





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