GREENwich: it’s all in the name

Singing the praises of South East London's vegetarian market

Each day of the year, customers travel from all over London to attend one of the most popular vegan/vegetarian markets in the city, and you do not have to be veggie to attend! Although, as a vegetarian myself, I find myself in Greenwich market each week without fail.

I have been coming here since I started attending university. You can find the best desserts. I also like the fact I can purchase fresh fruit and veg: it is like having a farmers’ market in my back garden.

There are many varieties of organic tea….
Also an exciting selection of flavoured coffee beans

All the traders are distinctive, from delicious Ruby’s vegan cupcakes to the provocative ‘Pimp My Ramen’. The traders on the stalls make you feel welcome and the prices are reasonable. 

Everything is homemade

Family friendly events include pancake races to raise money for various charities and the annual Tall Ship Festival.