Green Street Is The Height Of Fashion

The high-end Muslim fashion label, Aab Collection, has opened a flagship boutique in East Ham.
Its modestly modern attire includes military-style jacket-abayas, vibrantly printed ethnic kurtas and chic accessories for Hijab-clad Muslim women.

Nearly 2000 shoppers reportedly attended the opening of the store in East mall on Green Street, among them British Muslim fashion bloggers and vloggers such as Habiba Da Silva (Life Long Percussion), Dina Torkia (Dina Tokio) and Basma Kahie.

Aab Collection’s Tribal Art Abaya brings contemporary modest Islamic fashion and Afghan-style tribal prints together in an elegant flowing gown.

Aab Collection garments are also stocked by Blackstone, the Muslim lifestyle store which is well known for contemporary modest fashion.

“I come here a lot and I always enjoy the modest clothing that they offer,” says regular shopper Aysha Hakim.

According to the Daily Mail, the UK’s modest fashion industry is currently worth £100 million a year.

Hanna-Mariam Chowdhury