Hello 2017

2017: already serving up fresh new talent

Finally! 2016 is over and I made my way to The Old Blue last to check out DIY magazine’s top picks for the new year.

_MG_8682First off is Dama Scout. The Glasgow-via-London outfit warm up the crowd with their fuzzy riffs. _MG_8689Their introvert stage presence mixed with youthful enthusiasm makes an interesting contrast in this live setting. _MG_8693 _MG_8708 _MG_8746 _MG_8785 _MG_8824 Next band on is Venture Lows. Their unique set up with two bass guitars makes for expectations which sadly they don’t deliver._MG_8839 _MG_8860 _MG_8885 _MG_8952Manchester outfit, Luxury Death, have barely been around a year but already developed a distinctive sound. _MG_8966The boyfriend-girlfriend duo’s melodic outlash works surprisingly well when played live. _MG_8983 _MG_9007 _MG_9010 _MG_9016 _MG_9017 _MG_9020The headliners of the night are Icelandic trio, Dream Wife, and if you haven’t heard of them yet, you soon will because these girls are definitely a musical dream. _MG_9026With their Riot Girrl attitude and infectious sexually charged performance, fronted by the viciously seductive, Rakel Mjöll, these girls know how to kick up a storm. _MG_9037Giving us songs like the seductive ‘Lolita’ and thundering ‘FUU’, mixed with yet unreleased material, Dream Wife have us on the edge of what’s coming next. _MG_9099“I wanna fuck you up”, Rakel screams at the moshing crowd, knowing exactly where she’s got her adoring fans. _MG_9104 _MG_9198 _MG_9223 _MG_9234 _MG_9278_MG_9283_MG_9279 _MG_9300 _MG_9302 _MG_9310 _MG_9330 _MG_9349 IMG_9246 IMG_9248 IMG_9250 IMG_9293 IMG_9295Hello 2017 may come to an end this Tuesday, but we will surely see more of these bad, bad bitches. IMG_9344

As the evening rounds up and the amps are turned off, we leave the venue with a little more insight of what’s to come in 2017, and so far – it sounds freaking great.

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