Home Form Still Crippling Daggers

Dagenham's home troubles continue
Dagenham’s home troubles continue.

Following the 2-0 defeat to Barnet on Valentines weekend, Dagenham continue to search for their first home win in the 2015/16 league campaign. Manager, John Still, is hoping for a hero to turn it around as Youcef Dahmani reports.

John Still told BBC London on Saturday that it is “the time where people need to step up to the plate” following defeat at home to London rivals Barnet.

The veteran East London manager hopes that at least ONE player can step up and become the hero that the Daggers need to keep their place in the Football League.

Still has heavily relied on recent signing Luke Guttridge. Now, with Guttridge  ruled out for an uncertain period, Still believes the Daggers are suffering as a consequence. “Unfortunately he is injured, it has been a massive kick to us that is, I worked hard to bring him in and I don’t know how long he is going to be out for”.

Confidence is key in a winning football team and the Daggers seem to lack in this critical area. Still explained that “the first goal run off with us”. This seems to be an ongoing problem for the East Londoners with numerous occasions this season when the Daggers have lost their confidence straight after the opposition score.

A perfect example came a few weeks back at Newport. Still’s side managed to throw away a two-goal lead with seven minutes of normal time remaining. Dagenham seem to lose their way once they concede, and if this continues throughout the rest of the campaign, then they won’t be a Football League side for the 2016/17 season.


Dagenham haven’t managed a home win for 10 months, but Still is determined to turn this around. Prior to the most recent home loss against Barnet, Still told the Barking and Dagenham Post, “for a club with as poor a home record as ours, of course it’s important to win at home”. Clearly, they once again failed at home and this needs to change, quickly.

As honest as ever, Still spoke to BBC London after the Barnet defeating saying: “since I’ve been back here, I think that’s the worst performance that we’ve put in”.

On Saturday the Daggers will travel to Mansfield Town, who are promotion candidates. The East London side lost the previous fixture at home this season, 3-4, after leading the majority of the game – another example of when they threw away a two goal lead in the final 10 minutes.

Their next home game will be difficult and they hope to turn things around as they play Yeovil Town, who just like Dagenham see themselves fighting to stay in the football league.