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    The spirit of Poland came to London Bridge last weekend

    As I am a Pole living in Britain far away from my culture and everything I grew up with, last weekend I couldn’t possibly stay away from the Days of Poland Festival in Potters Fields Park near London Bridge.

    Said to be the biggest Polish festival in Britain, it featured traditional dances, street foods, beer and wine tastings, and pop-up shops selling goral goods and Krakowian outfits. 

    Polish drought beer, Zywiec.

    Pierogi: dumplings with cheese and potato, sprinkled with fried onion and topped with sweet sauerkraut salad.

    Beans and sausage stew mixed with Bigos – sauerkraut and cabbage with finely chopped meat.

    Traditional Polish outfits, now largely restricted to traditional Polish dance shows

    Goral goods such as sleepers and blankets.

    The festival was an ideal place for Poles who miss their country or miss their mum’s cooking, as well as for Brits wanting to be introduced to Polish culture and cuisine.

    The atmosphere was absolutely amazing and the turn out was much higher than I expected. Good to see my home country’s culture attracting so much positive attention!

    Traditional dances by Karolinka

    Orleta, a Polish folk group

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