UELSports Athletics Scholar Shannon Hylton has recently been signed to Andy Murray’s Sports Management Company.

“It’s a new venture that I am doing along with my sister (Cheriece Hylton) and we’re very excited for it. We have access to nutrition and sports science and the commercial side. They are basically covering everything for us except for our races.”

“I love Tennis it is probably my second favourite sport. I watch it a lot, all the Grand Slams and Opens. It’s a great sport.”

Education and Sport

Andy Murray has previously expressed his regret at not focusing on education, but Hylton is determined not to do the same; “I have always had a massive passion for science since I was knee high. So I knew that I would like to whether it would be in sports or not. I knew I wanted to do something with science in my life, whether it be while I am young or in later life but that is something I am really dedicated for.”

When asked about what it is like to compete alongside her sister the athlete replied, “We are very competitive, she does 400m and 200m so she does do my event sometimes. It’s a healthy competition and it’s nice to have a best friend, going on the same journey. It’s great to have your twin beside you.”

Life at UEL

Balancing studies and sport is a hard task for most student athletes. Hylton was very honest when speaking about this, “It’s hard, I am not going to lie to you. There are times where I think ‘why did I pick this course?’” she said light-heartedly.

Hylton pictured at SportsDock (Image via UELSports)

“It’s quite stressful at times but I do love the labs and that is something that I do have a passion for. It is definitely something I want to get into later on in life but I want to do well in my sports first and then focus on it later.”

“UEL’s been an amazing University for Sport. Its accolade speaks for itself and it’s an honour to be amongst such great athletes and to try and emulate their success.”

Big Dreams

The sprinter has big dreams for the future. “I’m currently focussing on the indoor season, the 60m individual at the IAAF World Championships and the European Championships in Berlin and then just building on from that.

For the European’s I am looking to qualify for the final and to sneak a medal. Everything is going to be stepping stones towards Tokyo 2020. That is the biggest goal and everything else is just a building block for that.”

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