Illustrious Illustrator

The Fashion and Textile Museum near London Bridge recently hosted a talk by the illustrator Jason Brooks.

Jason showed examples of the way that illustration can capture people’s lives and fashion in the city, before talking to up and coming artists.

Jason Brooks studied illustration at St. Martin’s and The Royal College of Art. After winning the Vogue Sotheby’s Cecil Beaton Award for Fashion Illustration he began working for British Vogue. Also, his artwork provided the visual identity for the record label Hedkandi, helping sell over six million albums. Last year his second book ‘London Sketchbook’ won the Book Illustration Award from London’s V&A Museum.

Here is a sneak peak of his speech:


Jason Brooks captures ”the feeling you’ve got when you first arrive in New York”


Jason Brooks illustrates ”the individuality  of each person  when it comes for them  to ask for a taxi”