Mama’s Got A Brand New Bag

High design, high street or bootleg bags - you get what you pay for

Sales season is here and we all know the main activity: shopping. Even though shopping feels good to do, thus the term shopping therapy, it also tends to break the bank. You always start with little things from here and there until you come across that sweet deal on your favorite Chanel bag. Except it would be a whole lot sweeter if it were significantly cheaper. And this is the point at which you find yourself considering designer brand lookalikes, aka fakes. But is it really worth it?
Counterfeiters have been known to copy Michael Kors leather bags that cost around £300, all the way up to a Louis Vuitton Backbag-Lockie which would normally fetch £3000. Those fake bags look quite like the original ones but there is a huge difference in quality. Ladies, be warned: you are never going to get what you are not paying for!
Of course the big brands try their best to stop copyright infringement and this is what leads to products with only the slightest name change in an effort to stay on the right side of intellectual property law, e.g. Adibas instead of Adidas, Louis Vuitone instead of Louis Vuitton. But apart from these obvious copycats there is what I call the ‘semi-fake’ option, though that’s not how high street retailers describe it. I’m talking about cheaper versions of high brand styles which are mass produced and sold by the likes of Zara, Primark and H&M. The quality tends to be better than the bootlegs but still, it hardly bears comparison to the original.
Either you get a £20 bag or a £2000 bag: it’s up to you and your wallet. There is no need to become a victim of consumerism.  Just remember once in a while to support the original creators and fashion designers who make the clothes you like – if you can afford to, that is.

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