‘Memories That Last A Lifetime’

After a long and hard season, Daniel Hopkin is calling it quits with the UEL Titans as he embarks on a new journey. Rising East reporter Jahin Shamsuddin talks to Hopkin as he reflects on his career with the Titans.

UEL Titans

Hopkin joined the Titans in his first year and was an important part of the team from the first day. After a few weeks of training it was decided that he would be the starting quarterback for the team and he excelled with his calm and poised attitude in leading the offense. In his second year he was voted President of the Team which meant he had to take on other responsibilities off the field.

“It is has been a lot of fun and has provided me with memories that will last a lifetime. Position wise I’ve gone full circle, beginning at quarterback in my first year with the team before moving to wide receiver last year and finally changing back to QB when needed this year. I fully enjoyed every change along the way,” said Hopkin.

Role Changes

Some of the biggest problems Hopkin had faced throughout the season was the rotation of going back to QB each time the starting QB had been injured. Moving back into his original position was tough as he didn’t have enough practise in the position for him to be prepared.

For all his troubles with the constant position change, he had a remarkable second half to the season. He controlled the pace of the game running all over ARU in the Titans win and putting his body on the line every play.

“The toughest moments for me occurred during most the games played last year,” he said. “The starting quarterback had a habit of getting injured meaning I had to continually move back into that position often without having properly prepared for it. Playing the game to my strengths by running the ball more and passing it less allowed me to bounce back from this.”

Moving On

Although the Titans ended their season 3-3 and missing the playoffs, the love of the game will not leave Daniel as he hopes to continue playing football after leaving UEL.

Now, he is training with the local team the London Olympians but in the future, he just wants to play for the closest senior ball team. With him and many others leaving the Titans he knows that it will be a tough challenge next year but he is confident the team will continue to improve and get better.

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