Mixed Fortunes For Lynx

Beth Gunter rounds up the London Lynx action

London Lynx enjoyed mixed fortunes as they came away with a win against the England Juniors but lost against a struggling Malory Eagles team.

The trip to the National Volleyball Centre, Kettering, was with only a small Lynx squad. Deciding to travel with only eight players Danny Primus took a risk with no room for change in the team.

While this game would not give Lynx any Super 8 league points it gave the England Junior men’s team vital chances to play good teams to prepare them for International competition. Having won only one match in the challenge series, Lynx were confident they would come out on top.

In one of the quickest games of the Lynx season they gave the Juniors no chance for errors as they ran away with a 3-0 win.

With two of their best players, Taylor Wilson and Yassir Sliti, absent for the weekend there was all to play for against a seventh placed Malory team. Lynx started the game slowly and tired, with little evidence of drive for success in the match.


Whether this was down to their physical condition after travelling the day before or mentally having already beaten a weaker team, they found themselves one set down within the 20-minute mark.

The second set was similar to the first with lackadaisical play from the Lynx side. Malory fought hard to go 2-0 up and were well on their way to a crucial three points.

In the third set momentum shifted and through some great net work from Jermaine Miles and blocking from Donnique Mabena, Lynx were back in the game.

The fourth set was a shambles on the Malory side with all confidence gone, Lynx managed to force a fifth set after great service and defence from Libero Gervaise Bynoe.

With the fifth set a race to 15 points, Malory started strong running to an 8-4 lead. But after a great fightback led by Miles and Mabena, Lynx made their way to three match points, only for Malory to run out eventual leaders 23-21.

After the game Mabenea said “Obviously I’m gutted to come away with a loss but that point was vital in cementing our fourth place finish in the league. It was a strong fight from us even without our big players before our play offs, I’m excited as to what’s to come for the rest of our season even more now.”