Modesty Becomes You!

J.D. Tagle and Kawther Ayed spent a day in Stratford spotting the latest hijab styles.

Although the hijab is a traditional symbol of modesty, Muslim girls who have embraced it are constantly coming up with new and fashionable ways to express that part of their lifestyle. In a sense, modest fashion has become a thing of its own – and not a lot of people know that.

Whilst some Muslim girls seek full coverage with a loose but voluminous wrap style, more recent trends such as the turban hijab have also emerged. There is even a way of wearing the hijab on top of a cap. The wrap style has been developed by influential vloggers such as Dina Tokyo and Amenakin.

When it comes to colour, most of the people we saw were wearing blocks of colour ranging from a pale pink to the brightest blue. But hijabi styles certainly include the equivalent of the ‘little black dress’. Many of those we spoke to confirmed that black is an essential colour – not only because it is a sober colour but also because it matches pretty much every outfit!

However, new patterns and tones are constantly emerging in the hijab market – just like any other type of fashion.

One young woman shared a tip with us about how she chooses the right colour: ‘I tend to avoid white or really light colours because I think more subtle, earthy colours match my skin tone.’

Most girls said they like to buy their headscarves from Whitechapel market – home to plentiful displays of head cloth at relatively low prices.