More Delays For UEL Titans

Rising East reporter Sebastian Liggenstorfer with a status update on yet another delay to the UEL Titans season

UEL Titans in action

The UEL Titans were due to start their season on Sunday with an away game against the Greenwich Mariners, but once again their game was cancelled. This after their previous opening game against the Essex Blades had already been called off.

More Problems with the Mariners 

Late Friday afternoon the Titans President, Louis Oswald had to inform the team that the game against the Mariners would not be taking place. Clearly frustrated about another delay to the season he told Rising East that UEL tried everything they could to make it happen:

“We didn’t have any referees for the game but we offered Greenwich that some of our coaches, who are qualified officials would step in to officiate. The Mariners declined and wanted to postpone the game until after Christmas, which we had to decline because of our already very busy schedule.”

Furthermore he added that they Mariners tried to reschedule the game to a Friday night, which is against BUCS regulations.

Winning Record 

This means the Titans will kick off their season in 2017 with their first game on the 29th of January with a 2-0 record, without having played a single snap. BUCS will give them a walk over win against the Mariners, as it was their obligation as a host to make sure the game would be played. UEL also received a win after LSBU dropped out before the season even started.

The Titans have to take the positives out of this walk over win. Although they have been training hard for the last three months and would have been ready for a game, they can now prepare even more for their first game with an injury-free and well rested team.

When they return from the Christmas break they will have three more training sessions before they finally (and hopefully) play their opening game of the season.