Moyo’s BBL Career Off To A Speedy Start

Connor Mackay spoke to the youngest Lion about his recent success with studies and adapting his game to the BBL to become a top point guard in the league.

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Known as ‘the flash’, Kevin Moyo has juggled being the youngest player for the Lions as well as a UEL Scholar and is looking to impact the BBL after graduation.

Aged 16, Moyo developed a love for the game and made it his goal to reach the British Basketball League.

At 5’9, the rookie point guard is sure to be a threat in the years to come. His BBL career has yet to blossom due to minimal minutes as the result of a struggling Lions team at the moment.

Moyo joined the Lions in 2016 to start his career and better himself throughout the season.

“I Felt like they had the best veterans in the league that could teach me an abundance of things that would help me along my career.”

Young Star 

As a student there is always the worry of balancing between business and pleasure. Being the youngest player on the squad Kevin is surrounded by Lions veterans who have moved on, but still come back to the club to support the upcoming players:

“[It] feels like you have a group of big brothers” commented Moyo.

Kevin has always had a passion for basketball whether it be playing for the UEL First team or the London Lions in the BBL.

During his time with the Lions club, Moyo has become a role model for scholars aspiring to make it professionally and progress further in their sporting careers.

However, Kevin it’s not easy managing playing sport and part time studies:

“Being very organised is great, but it’s really tough to do, but if you organise and plan accordingly it’s manageable.”

Giving Back 

Moyo has become a centre piece for the squad with the recognition of his quick speed and raw talent. With so much media attention Kevin knows that it can be a struggle for students to stay focused on their goals:

“I would say, patience and consistency is key, never stop working towards your goal but be patient about it.”

Not only is the rookie having an impact in the media for the Lions, Moyo is also helping with the youth academies that are run by the Lions:

“I do some school coaching for young kids at the Copper Box and get involved where I can with the improvement of youth coming up the ranks.” Added Moyo.

Team player 

Kevin is one of those guys who put the team before himself, even when he’s not playing. The Lions crowd always show their love for him, applauding him as soon as his feet touch the court.

Having entered the BBL at such a young age, Moyo’s work ethic is superb:

“I want to be one of the best point guards in the league and in my country,” stated Kevin.

22 year old Kevin is just at the start of his career and is yet to fully blossom, finding his way through the BBL ranks with aspirations to be one of the best guards to grace the Lions floor.

He has met a lot of challenges on his way but continues to push himself even further so he can reach the level he hungers for.

Kevin Moyo is in his first year of the BBL with the Lions and will surely look to have an impact with his court minutes increasing.

The young guard aims to be a target for other teams in the BBL with his confidence growing and adapting his game to the standards of the BBL.