Mysterious Disappearance of Beckton’s Boys In Blue

Terry Sorensen would be keen to speak to the police, if only he could find them.

police opening times
This sign says that Beckton police station should be open after 2pm on Saturdays.
police phone sized
This photograph was taken at 2.05pm on Saturday. The door remained shut. There was no one home.

On Saturday I decided to swing by Beckton’s local police station to try to talk to someone about the story I’ve been working on. Brimming with enthusiasm, I went to the “hole-in-the-wall” police premises next door to the Asda supermarket, having previously checked when the station was due to be open. During advertised opening hours, I reached for the door…and realised it was locked. Upon closer inspection I noticed a doorbell to press, but no one came to answer. After waiting a while I went to ask the security guard at Asda if it was normal for the police not to answer when you ring the bell. Well, apparently it is quite normal. He reported that the station was largely unmanned. “But what about the advertised opening times?” I asked. “It says they’re supposed to be in there now”. “Nah, that’s nonsense,” he replied. “It happens all the time that they’re not in when they’re supposed to be”.

After this I just went home, my hopes of an interview crushed.

I guess the old saying is true, they’re never there when you need them…