Nadine’s Netball Journey

Nadine Sefton has been playing netball at UEL for two years. Reporter Alex Dibden caught up with her to find out about how she got into the sport and what it's like playing for the university.

Nadine with her team (right)

Nadine Sefton is one of the rising stars of UEL Netball and has become one of the key players in the team in her two years playing for them. Nadine made the short journey from Enfield in North London to come and study PE, Sport and Development at UEL. Her studies are not the only challenges she has had to face since arriving, but she has also had to contend with a position change in her team, converting from goalkeeper to goal-attack.

Where she started?

Netball has been a massive part of Nadine’s life for a long time now as she’s been playing since primary school. When she was 13, a friend of Nadine’s mum invited Nadine and twin sister, Sophia to join a club she owned, Asco Netball Club. Nadine and her sister have both been successful in the sport with Nadine playing here and her sister playing at Brunel University.

American Adventure

Speaking of her favourite moment in the sport so far, Nadine has no doubt that it was being a part of the Disney’s inaugural American Netball Tournament, saying “I was really proud to participate!” Nadine travelled to Orlando, Florida in 2014, with her team Asco Netball Club and trained for two days with coaches from around the world. After playing teams from across the globe, including Australia, Bermuda, South Africa and the UK, Nadine’s team came an impressive third in the tournament.

University Experience

Nadine believes it is a great advantage to join a team, in order to improve team work and emphasises that it can help build friendships.

“Through joining a sports team you have the ability to make really good friends. I would encourage anybody, at any level to join a sports team, especially a team sport where you learn the value of working with people!”

She never underestimates the effect that playing netball at UEL has had on her university experience as a whole: “I think it’s so important to be part of something extra at university.”

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