Newham Keeps Lid On Adult Care Levy

Newham's proposed social care 'precept' is modest compared to London-wide recommendations

Newham Council has announced a freeze on council tax for the ninth consecutive year, but on closer inspection some residents will still end up paying extra charges.

The Greater London Authority (GLA) has recommended a precept (extra charge) to meet the increasing cost of adult social care, amounting to 1.5 percent on Band D properties. Newham Council is set to reject this recommendation; its own proposed increase is significantly lower at 0.3 percent based on Band D properties.

A two percent precept as recommended by the GLA was accepted by Newham Council for the current financial year. For properties in the highest band, this has amounted to £37.83 in extra payments.

Newham’s council tax is currently ninth lowest across the London region and the lowest of all London boroughs classified as outer London.