Newham Worst Affected By Education Funding Formula

It's official: where you live determines how much is spent on your child's education

Schools across the country are set to lose hundreds of pounds of subsidy per child due to a new government funding formula – and some of the areas worst affected are in East London.

Under the new formula, schools in Newham are set to lose £661 per pupil due to a funding reduction amounting to £31m. Similarly, the borough of Tower Hamlets is due to endure a loss of £28m.

Cuts will be implemented in the form of reductions in teaching staff and specialist assistance. These resources are bound to be sorely missed since schools across the country are already working to a tight budget.

Teachers’ union general secretary Russel Hobby has warned: “The government’s £3 billion real terms cut to education funding must be reversed, or we will see education and care suffer.”

The effects of the new formula will be felt differently in different boroughs. The Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea is set to lose £7m – less than a quarter of the amount which Newham is due to lose.