University of East London Men’s Futsal 2nd team were defeated 12-4 at home yesterday by the Imperial College London 1st team. This was UEL’s fourth consecutive defeat which puts them at the bottom of the table.

UEL had a poor start to the game as they conceded the first goal in the second minute of the match. One minute later a speculative shot from Imperial deflected off Jordan Moule’s leg and went in the back of his own net.

Anastasis Troullides’s 5th minute goal put the home side back in the game but numerous mistakes at the back from the Blues gave Imperial the chance to rack up some more goals as five were shipped.

UEL had a late rally in the second half where they managed to peg back two goals. As the half-time whistle went the East London side still had a lot to do as they trailed the game 7-3.


Early in the second half Trevor Tamatave’s side conceded another goal. However, his players used this as motivation and continued to fight hard in the game.

They changed their tactics and began to press the opposition high up the court. They were also creating a lot more chances, with a shot from the captain Robert Wheeler cannoning back off the crossbar.

Imperial were punished for making over five fouls which led to a series of penalty kicks.

The first penalty awarded to UEL was missed by the Romanian, Andrei Arotaritei. The second was slotted home by George Jeneson, but he failed to convert the team’s third penalty in quick succession.

The match finished 12-4 which despite a much improved second half, left Tamatave disappointed with his side’s display.


Tamatave, said “There were too many mistakes today that cost us the game, just basic school boy errors’ that made it difficult for us.

“We were 7-3 down in the first half that’s a lot to come back into the second half. In the half time break I spoke to them to be aware about the mistakes and desire to work hard and it was a much better improvement.”

Tamatave added, “I know the score finished 12-4 but… for the second half we were more disciplined, more focused. We will work in training to try to keep more possession of the ball and just getting the guys to relax and be more confident on the ball.”

UEL’s next league match is on Sunday 26th November, away from home against Writtle College Men’s 1st. The match is due to take place at the Midmay Sports Centre, with UEL hoping to get their first win of the season